Success Stories


At Gem City CrossFit, we’re in the business of changing lives through fitness here in Dayton. So when we hear great member stories like these, we literally box jump for joy! We hope you’ll be our next success story.
  • Theresa Plunkett, University of Dayton Women’s Basketball 1982-85, Hall of Fame Inductee

    When I was first approached to try CrossFit at Gem City CrossFit, I was a little nervous. Can someone my age (52) be able to do all the amazing workouts and Olympic lifts that are in the workouts? To my surprise, the coaches supervised my workouts and constantly kept a watchful eye on me.

    Then, two months later, I was in a sledding accident that fractured my back. My coaches were in constant communication with me and slowly, after 3 months of not working out, I was released by my doctor to start working out at Gem City again. I was under tight scrutiny from the coaches, and under their guidance, I have fully recovered and have become much stronger.

    While I still am the oldest member at Gem City CrossFit, I feel a part of the family and know that with my workouts and the guidance from the coaches, I will be able to be an active individual for the years to come. CrossFit is not only for the young. It’s for all ages. If you want to be able to move your body without aid as you get older, now is the time to join. Hey, you never know what you are capable of!

  • Sandy Plunkett

    About a year and a half ago, I was introduced to CrossFit by my cousin who convinced me to join him at a class on New Year’s Eve. Before that first CrossFit workout, I considered myself to be in pretty good shape. I had trained and ran multiple half-marathons but never really got the results I was looking for. I was stuck in a rut and looking for something different.

    Once I finished my first workout at Gem City, I was instantly hooked. As a former college soccer player, I thrive in a team atmosphere, and I found that at Gem City. The environment here reminds me of when I was playing in college. When you’re in the box fighting through a WOD, you know everyone is working towards the same goal: to finish faster, to get stronger, and get that last rep.

    The support from the coaches and the community here at Gem City pushes you to do things you didn’t think you could. I can honestly say I look forward to attending the 5:30 a.m. class every day, knowing that the first few hours of my day will be spent pushing myself alongside other athletes who are doing the same. The camaraderie here is next to none. If you’re looking for a place to push yourself to limits you never thought you could reach and have friends that turn into family, Gem City CrossFit is the place for you!

  • Will and Cassie Miller

    When we moved to Dayton, we were very excited to start training at a CrossFit box. My wife and I had been doing CrossFit for some time in our garage, but this was finally our opportunity to be part of a box.

    Gem City exceeded our expectations. GCCF has a spectacular community of members who are always excited to welcome each other and new members. The coaches are fantastic, not only do they feel like cornerstones of the gym family, they are also committed to making every member better as a result of each WOD. The programming is consistently simple enough to comprehend but effective enough to yield noticeable results. All the coaches are ready to suggest options to scale up or down, depending on an athlete’s needs. This is a terrific gym, and our family couldn’t be happier with our decision to be a part of it.

  • Sean Frazee

    I was a traditional workout guy, but after my wife joined Gem City, I decided to try it. We both love it! The atmosphere and camaraderie is great. Every workout feels new and the sense of boredom from a traditional gym membership is gone. All of those great things aside, at the age of 46, the results speak for themselves. I highly recommend stopping in and trying Cross Fit for yourself at Gem City.


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